Karate is practiced by people of all ages, all over the world. At Karate Families, we’ve seen the benefits of practicing karate across all different ages. Whether you’re 6, 36, or 56, trying karate for the first time can bring all kinds of benefits to your life.

If you’re thinking about enrolling your child into a karate program, here are a few of the benefits:

5-Reasons-to-Start-Karate-As-a-Kid-Karate-Families1. Listening Skills

In a group karate class, kids must be focused on the task at hand. They learn to pay attention and listen to their instructor.

2. Balance and Coordination

Kids will vary in the development of balance and coordination. However, karate will encourage your child to learn and improve at their own pace.

3. Social Skills

One of the basic expectations in a group karate class is to show respect for your instructor and your fellow students. Kids learn to practice karate together, and how to show kindness to others.

4. Goal Setting

Once a child begins to practice karate, they have the opportunity to continuously improve and achieve benchmark goals. Kids can work their way through the karate belt system, with a different belt color at each level to visually represent how much they have improved.

5. Physical Activity

Karate creates a structured outlet for excess energy. Kids learn how to move, kick, and punch in a safe environment. Practicing karate can be a fun way to introduce kids to the idea of an active, healthy lifestyle in a fun way, as well.

You might be wondering what age is appropriate to start your child in karate? Karate Families offers kids’ programs starting as early as three years old. Ultimately, it will be up to your child to decide if not only do they feel ready, but also figure out if it’s something they enjoy. Contact us to learn how to get your child started.