Benefits-of-Yoga-On-and-Off-the-Mat-Karate-FamiliesThere are many benefits to starting a yoga practice. Regular yoga can help you with your martial arts training on the mat, as well as your daily life off the mat.

Here are three benefits of yoga (on and off the mat):

1. Increase flexibility and range of motion.

If you’re not that flexible, you might be wary of trying yoga. It may seem like anyone who practices yoga is already extremely flexible, so you’d stick out from the rest of the group. The truth is just like martial arts, yoga is also for anyone. And it’s a great way to increase flexibility throughout your whole body and increase your range of motion. As you become more flexible, your martial arts skills will improve as you’re able to move more efficiently on the mats.

2. Experience a calmer mind and manage stress.

When you begin to feel overwhelmed and like your level of stress might get the best of you, how do you cope? One way is through physical activity. Stepping on to either a yoga mat or a martial arts mat can help you deal with your body’s stress. In yoga, all of your movements are synchronized with your breathing. Moving with your inhales and exhales requires all of your attention, which leads to a clearer, calmer mind. Whatever you were worried about before starting your practice fades away as you focus on your breath and your movements. The result is a decrease in your stress level.

3. Increase balance and build full-body strength.

Yoga builds balance and strength throughout your whole body. Even muscles you didn’t realize you even had will get stronger through yoga. The more you practice, the more balance you bring to your body. At first, you may notice that one side of your body is tighter or weaker than the other. This imbalance is normal, and continuing to practice yoga can help you correct it. As you increase balance and strength, you’ll notice a difference in your martial arts training as well as in your everyday life.

If you’re curious to try a yoga class, there are various resources available online. Start with classes that are described as beginner-friendly and give it a try.

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