Take-Advantage-of-Karate-Families’-Free-Trial-OfferHave you thought about enrolling either yourself or your kids in a martial arts program? At Karate Families, we offer a free trial class for both adults and kids of all ages.

Here are a few benefits of taking advantage of Karate Families’ free trial offer:

1. Meet the Instructors

Our free trial classes give you the chance to meet the instructors you’ll be working with. Our instructors will work with you to make sure you’re using proper technique, as well as make sure that you’re staying safe. Getting to know your instructor will help them get to know you and your martial arts goals better.

2. No Pressure

These trial classes are perfect if you’re looking to try martial arts but have never attended a class before. And if you’re unsure about starting a martial arts practice, a free trial class is a great way to try it out before signing up for a membership. If you’re not convinced it’s the right activity for you, that’s okay. There’s no pressure or commitment involved, so you can focus on learning and enjoying the class itself.

3. Bring a Friend

If you’re already a member of Karate Families, the free trial classes are a great time and place to introduce a friend to martial arts and what we have to offer. Starting martial arts can seem intimidating, but with the right environment and a supportive friend, the intimidation factor can be significantly reduced.

We’d love for you to give one of our classes a try. Our mission is to enrich your life and help you develop skills that you’ll use for the rest of your life. We aim to empower you by improving your confidence through the realization of your martial arts goals.

To find out more about Karate Families in Tarzana and the programs we have to offer, contact us today.