Getting-Fit-With-Karate-Karate-FamiliesAs we all work towards obtaining our New Year’s resolutions, it’s important to consider all of the possible methods that can be used to achieve our fitness goals. One often overlooked pathway to fitness is martial arts and, namely, karate.

Though the general principles of karate work toward discipline, focus, and technique, it turns out that most karate classes also offer a fitness element, whether that’s participant’s goals or not.

Kids and adults alike receive these benefits, and these specific aspects of health and fitness can be notably improved through routine classes:

Aerobic Exercise

A large part of karate is aerobic exercise, which gets your heart pumping and blood flowing. Adequate aerobic exercise can lead to improved cardiovascular health and weight loss while contributing to reduced risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Physical Strength

When you regularly practice karate, you’re certain to see an improvement in your physical strength. The movements in a typical karate class act similarly to HIIT classes or other boot camps you’re used to, conditioning and toning your muscles over time.


One great benefit of a karate-based fitness routine is an increase in flexibility. While most people don’t necessarily need to be doing the splits on a regular basis or bending down to touch their toes, increased flexibility is important in injury prevention, meaning you’re more likely to keep up with your goals rather than be sidelined by a hurt muscle.


Building up your endurance can be a vital part of making sure you’re staying fit throughout the year. If you’re able to get to a point where one class or long run doesn’t tire you out and make you sore for a few days, you’re more likely to get back out there and get after it again.

If you’re interested in the fitness benefits of karate, whether it’s for resolutions or simply to get back into your routine, contact us at Karate Families to find out more about what we offer for both kids and adults.