How-to-Support-Your-Child-in-Karate-Karate-FamiliesWhether it’s karate or any other sport, a young child needs the support of their family members to help keep them engaged and interested, as well as to help them feel like they’ve accomplished something every class. A child who feels supported is going to get more out of every class, better understand why they’re going to the class in the first place, and be less likely to quit out of frustration or boredom.

Stick around when you can

A large part of a child’s interest in an activity is that you are there to watch and see them in action. The feeling of pride they feel in their efforts when they know that you’re watching from the sidelines help to encourage them moving forward. Though other commitments may keep you away from a class or two, try to stick around as often as possible!

Listen and act

You may come to a point where your child doesn’t want to go to class or wants to quit altogether. If you do, make sure you’re listening to the why behind their reasoning. It may not be a disinterest in karate, but another kid in the class or frustration with not catching on as easily as other students. Use what they’ve said they like about class in the past to encourage them during their low periods.

Learn with them

One way to encourage kids to join and enjoy karate is to also take classes at the same dojo. At Karate Families, we offer classes for kids and adults so that you and your child can share an activity and grow in classes together. Your kids look up to you, so setting the right example will encourage them to continue their journey!

Your child needs your support when it comes to karate or any other activity they find themselves in. Make sure you’re there for them, listening, and learning together to encourage good behavior and continued attendance.

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