Martial-Arts-Recovery-Karate-FamiliesWhether you are looking to learn how to defend yourself or get in better shape, your martial arts training routine plays a significant role in your success. When you plan out your weekly training routine, one of the often overlooked areas is recovery. Recovery makes a big difference in how quickly you’re able to achieve your goals.

Recovery is just as important as your training sessions. In fact, you can look at recovery as training off the mat. Proper recovery is essential for both your body and your mind, and it can help prevent future injuries.

Here are a few “off the mat” training and recovery techniques to help you get the most out of your martial arts training:

1. Stretching and Foam Rolling

Flexibility and mobility exercises improve and maintain your range of motion. The more you’re able to move with ease and efficiency, the more effective you can be with your martial arts skills. Stretching after a training session can improve your flexibility and reduce tension in your joints and muscles. A great complement to stretch is using a foam roller. Rolling out your muscles and connective tissue addresses the small knots and bumps that can form over time.

2. Sleep

Sleep is an easy and straightforward way to get some good recovery after training. You should aim to get six or more hours of sleep each night. What makes sleep so great? While you’re asleep, your body goes through several rebuilding processes that aid in recovery. The more sleep you get, the more effective your body can be at repairing itself.

3. Days Off

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your training is to take a day off. Taking a full rest day can be tough to do. It may seem like you’ll lose everything you’ve worked so hard to gain if you skip even one day of training. Remind yourself that your body needs to recover, build strength, get a mental break, and prevent injury. Taking the occasional rest day can also help prevent overtraining, boredom, and burnout.

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