Social-Skills-Kids-Develop-through-Martial-Arts-Karate-FamiliesMartial arts classes provide an excellent environment for kids to learn important life lessons, including valuable social skills. In a structured class, kids work on building relationships, getting along with each other, and understanding one another.

Here are a few social skills kids develop through martial arts:

1. Focus and Stay on Task

Kids learn martial arts skills in a small group environment where they have to focus and stay on task. To learn effectively and get along with their fellow students, kids work on following the instructor’s directions and paying attention. By following along with the rest of the class, everyone has a chance to listen and to learn together.

2. Respect Others

Kids also learn to respect and be kind to everyone who shows up for class. Simple ways kids demonstrate respect in their classes are being patient, waiting for their turn, and being polite and considerate of others.

3. Accept Feedback

The ability to accept feedback from someone who is there to help is another important social skill kids learn through martial arts. As kids learn more skills, they must continue practicing to improve. And the instructor is there to facilitate this process. However, to a child who isn’t used to getting feedback, at first, it can sound like criticizing. But to a child who recognizes the intention behind the feedback is to help, he or she is more likely to benefit.

4. Teamwork

In martial arts classes, each student learns as an individual. But he or she is still part of a team. Kids get plenty of practice working with a partner or their instructor and must figure out how to interact positively with others. Building social skills to promote teamwork also includes supporting and encouraging other students to do their best.

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