Creating-a-Stress-Free-Morning-Routine-Karate-FamiliesHow does a typical morning start for you? A leisurely breakfast at your kitchen table with a hot cup of coffee and the morning paper? Or a rushed blur of snooze alarms, tooth brushing, last-minute caffeination, and forgotten laptops?

The leisurely breakfast may never happen on a typical weekday, but there is a way you can avoid starting your day in a rush of stress. More people and more people are creating morning routines that lead to positive outcomes. Outcomes like feeling more productive, mindful, and positive throughout the day, all while experiencing less stress.

If you’re thinking that your morning is already too full and you can’t imagine adding more on top of it, you’re not alone. However, morning rituals don’t have to be overly complicated and complex. Just three to four simple habits every morning can set the tone for the rest of your day.

Here are a few tips for creating a consistent and stress-free morning routine:

1. Prep the Night Before.

If you wait until you wake up to make breakfast, pack lunches, figure out what to wear, shower, get ready, and gather all you need for your day, the chances that you’ll forget something and leave the house feeling stressed are high. Instead of cramming everything into your morning, prep the night before. Prepare your meals, clothes, and gear. No more rushing around the house only to discover that you’ve forgotten your coffee, phone, or wallet.

2. Pretend the Snooze Button Doesn’t Exist.

The alarm goes off, and you know what happens. Snooze – just five more minutes. Or seven. Until you hit the snooze button again. And maybe again until you’ve reached the last possible moment. Now you really do need to get up and get ready, so you’re not late. It’s hard to fight the urge to hit snooze. But when you’re able to wake up when your alarm goes off, you get valuable minutes back in your day.

3. Leave Your Phone and Social Media Alone.

Bombarding your mind with a bunch of notifications immediately after you wake up is a rough way for your brain to start the day. Rather than scrolling through your social media feeds or new emails, give your mind a chance to wake up. Instead of consuming content, try starting your day by creating some of your own through journaling. Or, use the time you’d typically check your phone to meditate for a few minutes.

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